BarnSound is a state of the art production and multi track recording, mixing, and mastering studio for music and voice over, serving both artists and corporate clients. Whether it’s your first demo or a high profile corporate campaign, we take pride in exceeding our client’s expectations at a very affordable price.

Great sound and great recording gear is a baseline but rarely a place comes to be that has something beyond the baseline, something indefinably special.

Starting its life as a 19th century carriage barn, the timbers now provide the home of BarnSound studio, located in the pastoral setting of Delaware County, PA.

I built BarnSound after years of working as an artist in some of the country’s best recording studios. I wanted an artist centered facility, warm, cool looking and feeling, a place for creativity with the ability to match the caliber and capability of the rooms I was use to recording in. The detailed state of the art technical abilities of BarnSound studio, while fully realized, take a lower profile to the creativity and artistry that it welcomes. BarnSound insures that creativity is captured and enhanced beyond the clients expectations and also that the results can compete on a global level.

Here’s a video of Derek Chafin and Joanna Justice’s new release: The Electric Wire Bird – a|i|r records, recorded at BarnSound.