Just released: Study Electricity’s  latest CD. Think Springsteen meets Alabama Shakes. Rock!
Just release – my own CD! Yes, I actually found the time. The Electric Wire Bird.
Just released: Mister Jimmy’s (aka Jimmy Lepone, formerly of the Union Dead and In The Blond) solo debut 5 song EP.  A mind bendingly great songwriter gets tough while getting you on the dance floor.
Just released: Seve’s “Wisconsin”.  A tour de force.  Think Waits meets Townes.
Just released: Suzanne Dee’s “Hold Me Still”. Defining a new genre of modern adult contemporary. Very cool stuff.

Currently working on:
Geoff Stack’s 3rd CD with me.
Getting ready to mix Jim Steven’s “Collective Energy” CD
Just finished mixing Donny Wilkins’ solo debut CD.
Getting ready to record vocals on Owen “Fiddla” Brown’s  newest CD.
Working on Jon Sallet’s newest work.
Working on Judith Ray’s newest CD.