Chess to Sun, Rancho de Luna to Abbey Road, a basement in the south of France or near Woodstock NY, what they have in common is vibe. A bit of magic that rubs off on people, inspires them. As an artist the point of creativity is to make some magic – to you, to other, hopefully both. Some environments just seem to have “IT”. There’s no calculus for it. They just …do. A place where the room and the music become one.

I built BarnSound to be a creative environment. Relaxed and cool looking with just the right amount of funky. I didn’t want its prowess and abilities to overshadow the creative. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. If one were to look under the hood there isn’t much that BarnSound isn’t capable of. BarnSound’s equipment is second to none and was chosen for its musicality. It combines the best elements of analogue and classic equipment with the speed and ability of digital. More importantly, we know how to use it.

There are so many things that set BarnSound apart but most importantly it’s the extra care given to every project.  It’s common that I will go through weeks of pre production with an artist to maximize our studio time. I do this for free. It’s part of what should be a producer’s job. When the material is ready, only then do we start to hit record. All projects become personal here. There is no “spit it out and on to the next” here. Music is an honor and obligation, and if it wasn’t important we wouldn’t be here.

So much care and attention went into designing the rooms and also the equipment that would reside in them. To that design and what stands out from the norm, it was essential to me that the cutting room have no sight-line to or from the control room. This allows the artists to be unencumbered by “watching eyes” and for them to be in their own world creatively. It also allows all parties to fully engage through sound alone.  I found it’s no small point to creating something exceptional. Have a look and check out a list of the studio gear.