It starts with tuned ears and knowing how to get the sound you need but the right equipment is important/essential (can’t make classic on crap gear). Included in this is the room itself and the sonic treatment of it, which is so very important – click on visuals and have a look.

Here’s the gear that makes it go:

console:  Yamaha OR296v2 digital
computer: iMac  3.3
running: Nuendo/Cubase/Pro Tools/Reason/Wave Lab/SampleTank/ B4
plug-ins: UAD, WAVE, AmpFarm, and many more
speakers: Yamaha NS10’s and Tannoy Little Gold’s
mic pres: API 512’s and 212’s, Neve 1272’s, V72’s, Puple Audio,     VinTech, UAD 610, and Avalon
outboard: Demeter Tube Compressors, Summit stereo and LA2, SSL Bus, DBX 166, and Avalon.
mics: Neumann 47, 84’s, and 193 , AKG, 414’s, silver 414, 451’s, d112’s, d19, RCA 77, Sennheiser 421’s, SE R1 ribbon, Trident ribbon, Sure 58’s and 57’s , Altec Lancing

elect gtrs:
’68  Fender tele, ’65 Epiphone Riviera, ’58 Gibson 125, ’70 Rickenbaucker, Strat, Danelectro, D’Armond, and Fender Baritone
acoustic gtrs: mid 70’s Martin D18, ’36 Gibson L3, ’60’s Silvertone Nylon, ’60’s Harmony Sovereign, Alvarez.
bass: Fender Precision, Yamaha, Kay upright
drums: 70’s Ludwig kit, 60’s Gretch kit, Premier kit,  with Ayotte,Yamaha and Gretch snares. Ziljian and Paste cymbals, 1902 Ludwig bass drum. Conga’s, bongo’s and various other percussion instruments.
keys: Steinway 1910 full upright piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond M100, Rhodes 76, Prophet 6 and various synths.
amps: mid 70’s Fender twin, Audio Kitchen Big and Little Choppers, mid 70’s Marshall 50 Watt, Buddha, Silvertone, Ampeg B15 and SVT

and lots and lots of pedals