It starts with tuned ears and knowing how to get the sound you need but the right equipment is important/essential (can’t make classic on crap gear). Included in this is the room itself and the sonic treatment of it, which is so very important – click on visuals and have a look.

Here’s the gear that makes it go:

computer: iMac  3.3
audio card: UAD Apollo 8p, 16 and twin
programs: Nuendo/Cubase/Pro Tools/Reason/Wave Lab
plug-ins: UAD, WAVE, AmpFarm, and many more
speakers: Yamaha NS10’s and Tannoy Little Gold’s
mic pres: API 512’s and 212’s, Neve 1272’s, V72’s, Puple Audio Biz 500, VinTech x73i and 573’s, UAD 610, and Avalon VT 737
outboard: Demeter Tube Compressors, Summit 1176 stereo and LA2, SSL Bus, DBX 166, and Avalon VT 737.
mics: Neumann 47, 84’s, and 193 , AKG, 414’s, silver 414, 451’s, d112’s, d19, RCA 77, Sennheiser 421’s, Peluso, SE R1 ribbon and Gemini, Trident ribbon, Sure 55, 58’s and 57’s , Altec Lancing

elect gtrs:
’68  Fender tele, ’65 Epiphone Riviera, ’58 Gibson 125, ’70 Rickenbaucker, Strat, Danelectro, D’Armond, and Fender Baritone
acoustic gtrs: mid 70’s Martin D18, ’36 Gibson L3, ’60’s Silvertone Nylon, ’60’s Harmony Sovereign, Alvarez.
bass: Fender Precision, Yamaha, Kay upright
drums: 70’s Ludwig kit, 60’s Gretch round badge kit, Premier kit,  with Ayotte,Yamaha, Ludwig and Gretch snares. Ziljian and Paste cymbals, 1902 Ludwig bass drum. Conga’s, bongo’s and various other percussion instruments.
keys: Steinway 1910 full upright piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond M3 with Leslie, Rhodes 76, Prophet 6 and various synths.
amps: mid 70’s Fender twin, Audio Kitchen Big and Little Choppers, mid 70’s Marshall 50 Watt, Buddha, Silvertone, Ampeg vintage B15, SVT and Reverberocket.

and lots and lots of pedals